The Most Commonly Overlooked Aspect of Leadership [Infographic]

Leadership is a choice, not a rank. A leader is someone that looks out for the people on each side of them. A leader is willing to take the risk before anyone else does, to sacrifice so that their people may gain. A leader is comfortable in the trenches. This is what a leader does. Being a great leader is analogous to that of a parent. They offer us support, education, opportunities to try and fail, and discipline when necessary, all so that we can achieve more than they could ever imagine for themselves.

6 Steps to Effectively Managing Conflict [Infographic]

Conflict can be very difficult for us. Just thinking about it makes us anxious. The preconceived notion of conflict being a win or lose collision with others guides us to great lengths to avoid the cognitive and emotional stress that accompanies it. Conflict can manifest at a low intensity, escalate to anger and aggression, and influence people to do irreparable damage to their relationships.

6 Simple Questions to Reach Self Actualization [Infographic]

It’s never too late to self-actualize. In today’s digital age it has never been easier to be a part of the conversation and to share your ideas. You’ll never truly nullify cravings to be more than ordinary, so give yourself a chance. Life may pass you by if you resist changing and growing. You’ll remain stuck, bored, and unfulfilled. Don’t go through life not doing what you were made to do. Both the wide easy path of being average and the narrow path of your dreams start at the same place.

6 Powerful Steps to Leave Your Comfort Zone [Infographic]

We enjoy the security and predictability of our daily routines. We’re afraid of rejection, judgment, and failure. We avoid risk and the unknown. We go from exploring and taking risks every day as children, to holding ourselves back, playing it safe, and ultimately limiting our personality, capability, and potential.

3 Cognitive Biases That Alter Your Thinking [Infographic]

Cognitive Bias is defined as a pattern of deviation in judgement, whereby influences about other people and situations may be drawn in an illogical fashion. Cognitive bias is a general term used to describe many observer effects in the human mind, some of which can lead to perceptual distortion, inaccurate judgment, or illogical interpretation.

6 Ways to Choose Happiness [Infographic]

Most of us reach a point in our lives where life is difficult. Even when we experience an abundance of positive events, we soon find a way to worry about the next problem. We continually look to reiterate our pleasures that are typically short lived, or at best, fleeting. We always seem to return to baseline and begin contemplating the next goal.