6 Ways to Choose Happiness

“Be happy. Not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything.”

Most of us reach a point in our lives where life is difficult. Even when we experience an abundance of positive events, we
soon find a way to worry about the next problem. We continually look to reiterate our pleasures that are typically short
lived, or at best, fleeting. We always seem to return to baseline and begin contemplating the next goal.

What if it was possible to be happy before that goal takes place; to be happy without your favorite foods, constant entertainment,
and the notifications of your mobile phone; to be happy now, in the present moment?

Is there a deeper alternative to happiness attainable within our lives? I think in some sense you’ve answered that question
by the life you currently live. Some of us are saying no way, others are saying absolutely.

Let’s take a look at the list of goals you’d like to accomplish. What makes that list so worthy of your attention? Everything
on that list signifies that if you could do it, you’d find a reason to just be happy.

External accomplishments do matter and can greatly enhance your life, but happiness will always come from within. It has
to because we are always translating our moment to moment experience through our mind. The way you frame the obstacles
of daily life has a profound influence on your happiness. If there is any one objective that I’m confident a majority of
the global population could see eye to eye on, it’s the desire to be happy.

1. Build Your Self-Esteem

Self-esteem or esteeming yourself has a considerable impact on how you view the world. Self-esteem is also very necessary
for healthy development. Self-esteem encompasses loving and respecting yourself, putting yourself first, meeting your own
needs, and having confidence in your abilities. Self-esteem is placing you in high regard.

2. Objectively Evaluate Your Character

How do you view yourself? Are you giving yourself the credit and love you deserve? Can you do anything good enough? Self-esteem
is not only loving yourself, but acting lovingly towards yourself as well.

If self-esteem is based primarily on your own thoughts of yourself, and you can control these thoughts, then you can control
how you feel about yourself. It is not only possible to build self-esteem but to build your own version of self-esteem.

3. Hit the Mute Button on Discursive Thought and Self-Loathing

If there is a predominant source of suffering we impose on ourselves, this is it.

The quality of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. Pay attention to yourself drifting towards a negative
mindset during your day. It could be triggered by anything: getting up in the morning, your commute, your job. Realize
you’re reverting to a habitual state that has taken time and effort to build and may take time and effort to go away. Gently
bring yourself back to a positive mindset.

4. Stop Being Overly Critical

When you think of something you admire about yourself, combat the 10 things you dislike creeping in alongside it. You have
things to be proud of now. Accept the admiration from others and especially from yourself for your achievements. Say thank
you and let the compliments sink in – you would certainly congratulate others for the same achievements. It is not egotistical
to notice what you’ve accomplished. Little by little, with practice, you’ll build your self-worth. You just have to start
having better conversations with yourself.

5. Forgive Yourself for Not Being Perfect

It’s very sensible to have aspirations, but just imagine if you were somehow perfect. You’d never be challenged and you could
never relate to anyone. It’s common to have features that you’d like to improve on, but how unhappy do you have to be now
to prepare for happiness later? How much stress and dissatisfaction is necessary? How unpleasant do you need to be for
others to be around?

6. Be the Enjoyable Person You Want to Be Around

There’s something intrinsically good and refreshing when you meet someone that just gets it. Someone that has a positive
self-image and radiates qualities like: self-love, acceptance, compassion, and generosity. These people are constantly
jump starting others with their contagious aura. We are right to wonder “What are they doing right?” or “What do they know
that the rest of us do not?”


How you look at yourself and what you’re telling yourself largely determine who you become. You have the power to revise
the narrative in your mind. This is not a matter of more knowledge, but awareness and a change in attitude.

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